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Everybody involved spent the time necessary with the case in a timely manner.
Sonja Wildman
Very easy to apply, and a lot cheaper than what I have been paying in previous years. Thanks
They fought for me to get the result I desired. Well done! Better than other unions by far!
Felt totally supported by Dianne during a recent stressful complaint at work Was guided through the mediation process and achieved a good outcome.
Very helpful and prompt with assistance
Marcia was wonderful in assisting me through some workplace red tape upon my return to work after maternity leave.
I had a few queries on rostering. I spoke to Dianne Bradley who got back to me on the same day and was very professional. Very satisfied with how it was dealt with and would highly recommend her for any problems in the future. Thanks Dianne
Great service and constant follow up
Aenghus was extremely knowledgeable and supportive which I cannot thank him enough for.
Marcia was lovely to work with through my complaint at my workplace. Had my back and gave me confidence when needed.
Nadia B
Very prompt and relevant advice - thanks!
Thea O
Amazing support at last minute during a very stressful time.
It was great to be able to bounce and have the issue reviewed by an independent person who while had my best interests was able to look at the situation without bias and bring balance back to the situation. Thank you.
The support officer was understanding of my situation and was able to offer personal and professional support of the highest level. She was able to direct me to additional services that resulted in a fair and positive result to my concern.
How wonderful is Kathleen Campbell! "Simply the best, better than all the rest" She has had to advise me on two separate occasions and she is exceptional to say the least. She is honest, fair and knows her "stuff". And she tells it as it is in presentation that one can understand. The facts, the faults and probable outcome. Also to sit up straight and don't fidget (a lot to keep in mind when you are up against a panel!) Oh! do not chew gum! The brochures you sent me are all over the desk and hopefully being filled out by my colleagues. I love her to bits. Thank you form a very grateful member.
Sandy K. CN
To Whom It May Concern, I would like to thank you for helping me out back in May with a spot of bother at work - especially Kathleen Campbell (one of your independent consultants) who was fantastic. She was so supportive and provided me with all the information I needed to resolve the issue. While it was very stressful I felt like she was so knowledgeable that it was a relief to have her with me at my meeting.
You had all the answers to my questions, did not let me deviate from the path we agreed on, provided me with a letter of reply for my employer and last but not least kept me on an even keel at a time of extreme stress. A VERY big thank you to all that helped me.
Explained my options, supported me, talked to me, never made me feel unsupported. My calls were always returned if not answered directly, I was never made to feel that my issue was unimportant.
Quick reply and prompt support
More reasonable fee and Australia wide coverage.

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Professional Drivers' Association of Australia (PDAA) is an industrial association of employees, (an unregistered trade union) whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment. We are a non-party political alternative to the TWU and RTBU. Our membership fees are significantly lower and we provide all the same services.