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Bus and Coach Drivers Association Incorporated is a branch of PDAA and is devoted solely to professional needs and interests of bus and coach drivers. Its primary function is the welfare of drivers, which can range from Working Conditions, Enterprise Bargaining Representatives, Disciplinary Matters, Dispute Resolution, Negotiations with Management, Applications for permanency, leave etc. We have access to professional people in Industrial Law, as well as focusing on your personal development, well-being, submissions before Government, the collection and analysis of statistical data for Industry improvements and matters about employment laws and advocacy.


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No political party involvement means the focus is on member needs and lower costs.  Association structure empowers members and branches.  The Constitution and By-Laws decentralise the power and keep policy development processes open.  The Bus and Coach Drivers’ Association of Queensland Inc. as an arm of PDAA is a non-political party alternative to the Union. Every membership dollar supports you, your workplace issues, provides you with legal backup. You get a better service for less than the Union price.

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Professional Drivers' Association of Australia (PDAA) is an industrial association of employees, (an unregistered trade union) whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment. We are a non-party political alternative to the TWU and RTBU. Our membership fees are significantly lower and we provide all the same services.